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«Le Monde a la Beauté

du Regard

que Je lui Porte...»

Yanick LeBlanc

3 mars 2010 3 03 /03 /mars /2010 18:00
Celestine Prophecy
The Fourt Insight
The Struggle for Power

From this perspective, we can see that humans have always felt insecure and disconnected from this sacred source, and have tried to take energy by dominating each other.

xfgjghjfhkjToo often humans cut themselves off from the greater source of this energy and so feel weak and insecure.

When we successfully dominate others in this way we feel more powerful, but they are left weakened and often fight back.

We think we have to compete with each other for energy and steal energy from others because we are disconnected from the larger source of this universal energy so we practice domination, manipulation, and control to fill up with other people’s energy.

This struggle is responsible for all human conflict.

In fact, the universal energy can sustain us.

We do not need other people’s energy.

Feel yourself filling up fully like a balloon with energy in all directions and experience yourself as all of the universe as whole, complete, and full: love.

To gain energy, we tend to manipulate or force others to give us attention and thus energy.

Competition for scarce human energy is the cause of all conflict between people.

The 4th insight points out that for a long time, we humans have been unconsciously competing for the only part of this energy we have been open to; that part that flows between people.

Conflict occurs when humans feel the need to control and dominate one another.

When we control another human, we absorb their energy, leading to a sense of gratification and motivation to continue the practice.

We thus become 'addicted' to the feeling and will get progressively more demanding and out of control in our efforts to absorb ever more energy from our interactions with others.


Live a Wonderful Day…

Yanick LeBlanc



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Published by Yanick LeBlanc - dans Celestine Prophecy
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